• In August 2015, Alan celebrated 50 years in Tailoring. Alan's interest in tailoring started in his teens in the 1960's. Influenced by the Mod fashions of the times, he and his Mother used to make the clothes that he craved but could not afford to buy. Alan is both a coat maker and cutter. Alan bought Davies and Son in the mid 90's and by the end of that decade had successfully moved the business into Savile Row. Alan is a Tailor with considerable flair and limitless experience, in his time as a Tailor he has pretty much done it all. He was the youngest Tailor to open his own shop on Savile Row when he was 36 – and he is still there today. Combining genuine artistry with cutting and craftsmanship Alan's clothes have enduring style and flair. He is a tailoring consultant for the world-famous Madame Tussauds Museum in London, and personally designed a suit for Chairman Mao's wax figure.
  • Andrew first studied with his father, George Livingston, who was awarded the Gold Medal for coat making in 1954 and latterly with the legendary tailor and designer, Edward Sexton in Savile Row and Knightsbridge. Andrew is the 4th generation Master Tailor in his family, his great grandfather, George, having established the business in 1896. He is currently head cutter and tailoring consultant for George Brummell.
  • At the age of 16 Frank started studying advanced bespoke tailoring in Scotland. In his early 20's he went to Savile Row in London and studied with George Craddock, a world renowned bespoke tailor. In the past 42 years he has worked with a large number of famous tailors including Tommy Nutter.
  • Rory is a 5th generation tailor. He won the prestigious Savile Row “Golden Shears” award in 2009, becoming one of the youngest masters to an apprentice in Savile Row's 200 year history. In 2015 he was invited by President Barak Obamas’ wife, Michelle, to the White House in recognition of his contribution to the industry.
  • Roger has a wealth of experience in management and team work in the fashion industry. He is also the CEO of a leading British charity, through which he has a close relationship with members of the British Royal Family.
  • Sue is a well know British etiquette and image consultant, having worked in the clothing industry for 35 years she uses her wealth of knowledge to advise clients on their choice of cloth and style. Dressing etiquette is an important part of British culture and it is essential to know what to wear at the various social events.